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Add the emotions involved with family issues - worry, fear, anger  - and the

stress may become untenable.  The uncertainty of the future you, your children and your family face can leave you feeling frightened and powerless. 

through these trying times, ensuring you understand what is happening at each stage of your case, working with you to allow you to focus on what you and your family need, and attain that which is most important to you. Knowledge is power, and I can ensure that you have the knowledge you need to make these important decisions in your life, and that of your children and family.   My firm handles divorce, asset division, alimony, visitation, custody, child support, and paternity matters, establishing initial  orders and modifying and enforcing prior orders.  I am able to represent clients through mediation, negotiation and litigation, and ensure that each client understands how these tools can benefit the uniqueness of your case. 



       helps you navigate

Going to court at any time is difficult.  The legal process is confusing, filled with unfamiliar terms and imposing persons who have the power to decide your family's future.